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(1.16 MB 3264x2448 IMG_20190712_123258.jpg)
Pone 07/12/2019 (Fri) 09:46:22 No. 30
Motherboard is here. 32 gigs of RAM are in shipping. SSD will be purchased soon™.


Much better Pleroma hosting soon :Aww:
How much is everything?
$110 for board, $150 for RAM, $150 for SSD. So a little moar than $400.

So much shekels… Uhh.
Ты фапаешь на пони этими руками - ужас!
(949.08 KB 318x384 2017847.gif)
You're goddamn right.
Сажа прилипла.
Малафья потекла - счас всех затопит! Ты понимаешь?
(1.19 MB 2279x2592 2073643.png)
(1.72 MB 1920x1080 2061445.png)
Врёти. Каноничный клей.
(98.38 KB 1012x545 5xX.png)
Continuing the topic, I've purchased the SSD and some cables. Now waiting for shipping.
RAM + Gift shitty mouse. Haa!
They should pay me for using this shitty mouse, EEH.
(186.06 KB 1280x960 photo5314424251413015798.jpg)
A tiny terabyte SSD for a tiny little ass.

Something omitted I think.
2280 IS BIG! Much bigger than 2242.
(524.30 KB 1384x2051 2078035.png)
What do you mean?
Still smaller than SATA, heh.
RAM is done, too. But they didn't give me a local track number. I'm scared because I can lose it. D:
(168.15 KB 1280x960 photo5318774421923670973.jpg)
The last piece of hardware — RAM — is here. And it's alive! Still, it's hot as Celestia's butt. Need to purchase a case with active cooling.
Check the UEFI settings. Maybe it's possible to change performance mode.

> Need to purchase a case with active cooling.

Stop, wha... Oh! I always forget that many people have desktops that produce noise.
I'm used to sleep with a working airplane engine near my ears (maybe because I listen to too much black metal).
Huh? Noises? I don't have any noises from my PC. Maybe because my PC isn't so old.
I'm gay
Yag m'I
> Yag a m'I
> Yagami
> Yagami Raito
Some anime shit. True gay.
Me too. It's good.


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