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Although our server isn’t something special and doesn’t shine with quality, it requires a certain amount of money every month for a VPS and in long term for domains. Consider a small tip for us if you find our work usable, thank you.

commagray maintains the main server and domains.

BTC: bc1qjjx643z38d80auy2n9zp0fwumvajjp5093rgzh
BCH: qqvj4p0ac84jd93mfsam4ucv9djuf0ewsvrwsp2r55
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LTC: LKURFNkjzQRUFNwcTQfhppyVvAHyjziidq

anoa maintains the PeerTube server.

BTC: 1784zG6jxnp1FVbrk8GoJwrzradxLdyYeX
ZEC: t1bQ5gsdFcsTQCeUeD7vAfj27Mf2mrUGqtu

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