Who we are?

MLE — or My Little Equestria — is a mainly Russian-speaking group of fallen souls, who was unlucky to stumble on a series about our dear pastel-colored horses. For our convenience, we provide hosting for some self-hosted programs, which are freely available for everyone's using and listed below.


Also Kolonsky as an art contributor.


Matrix is an open protocol for decentralized communications, including VoIP, encryption, smartphone-readiness and other rich stuff. You can use our Riot instance which works with our home-, identity- and integration servers.


Shadowsocks is a smartphone-ready and encrypted SOCKS5 proxy server. To use it pick up a client and copy-paste this link into them.


TomeNET is a MMORPG-like online roguelike in real-time. If you want to play on our server, please inform us in any way and we'll register you (the fastest way is our IRC channel).


Searx is a hackable and private search engine which uses other search engines to do the search. Our instance available as sunbutt.faith.


Gitea is a lightweigh and customizable Git-hosting. Our instance available as moonbutt.science.


Pleroma is an ActivityPub-powered lightweigh but powerful decentralized microblogging platform. Our instance available as ministry.moonbutt.science.


PeerTube is an ActivityPub-powered decentralized video hosting platform. Our instance available as vault.mle.party.

Write Freely

Write Freely is a free software initiative from developer of proprietary Write.as blogging platform with ActivityPub federation. Our instance available as gospel.sunbutt.faith.